About Online Payments Limited

Our systems are designed to take the hassle out of processing card payments without losing any control or reporting clarity. Everything that we do is designed to improve your own customer service, speed up your processes and save you money.

What our Clients Say

"Since introducing OPL’s system... We save money because we no longer have to rent PDQs for each office that processes payments. And all the information is in one place so our accountants save time too!"

“The Online Payment System has helped us dramatically improve our customer service. Payments are quicker and easier to process, plus every single customer gets a receipt of payment without us having to lift a finger.”

“By introducing the Online Payment System our credit control team has become a 24/7 operation, without having any unsociable staff hours!”

“Our staff love working with the Online Payment System; it takes care of many of the time-consuming tasks such as ledger allocation, so they can focus on more important credit control work”