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All of OPL's online payment systems are unique – not just because it is branded by you – but because we design it to do exactly what you want. Not all businesses and industries work in the same way, use the same software platform or have the same governing regulations. With our history and industry knowledge, we know how to create the best system for processing card payments in your organisation.

Our online payment systems are so popular because they are designed to work alongside your existing finance programmes, but without any high maintenance integrations or manual intervention. We make sure this happens in the simplest way possible to give all the beneficial features, such as automatic allocation, without the expensive and time consuming process of full software integration. This also allows us to work with 99% of financial ledger software - which means we haven't yet found one we cannot work with! Plus, by working with Online Payments Limited's highly trained development teams, your business gets top quality, bespoke results without any drain on your IT resources.

The table below shows some popular feature combinations that our customers choose when designing their online payment systems. This is just a snapshop of what we can do for you! For more on these popular system features and what they do, please return to the “What we do” page.


Examples of popular online payment systems features:






E-Commerce Transactions
Automated Receipting
MOTO Transactions
Automated Payment Plans
Accept Paypal
Copy Invoice Attachments
Statement Viewer
Reoccurring Payments
Face to Face Transactions

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For more information and to discuss how our online payments systems would work in your organisation, please fill in the form on our contact page or call 0114 383 0533 and our knowledgeable team can help you to find the best package for you.