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  • 2014, MARCH 27

    Visa and MasterCard Block Russian Bank Customers

    Visa and MasterCard enforce US Sanctions

    Visa and MasterCard have blocked credit card services to some Russian bank customers as a result of US sanctions. Four banks are so far affected, all of which have links to Russians blacklisted by the US.

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  • 2014, FEBRUARY 12

    BBC Watchdog

    BBC Watchdog – Credit Card Scam

    The BBC’s Watchdog program recently carried out an experiment demonstrating the effectiveness of an old-style credit card scam. Mock fraudsters, Paul and Alexis from The Real Hustle, showed just how easily they were able to gain victims’ credit card details over the phone.

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  • 2014, FEBRUARY 3

    What is PCI DSS?

    PCI DSS is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, it is a worldwide standard that has been established to ensure businesses process card payments securely and in doing so reduce payment card fraud.

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